Management Student Association 2019

Management Student Association 2019

The Management Study Program Student Association of the Faculty of Economics and Business of Udayana University in the 2019 period has a function as a forum to accommodate and channel the aspirations of Management students as well as being a bridge between students and the Study Program. In this period, the Management Study Program Student Association or abbreviated as HM Management consists of 32 people and is incorporated into 4 departments. This membership was officially inaugurated on January 17, 2019 at the Sudirman Denpasar FEB Campus through a series of LMFEB Inauguration activities.

The management of HM Management in 2019 was led by Adi Sanjaya, who was accompanied by 3 Deputy Chairmen, including: Anggreana Vera as Deputy Chair I, Ray Airlangga as Deputy Chair II, and Yordan Teli as Deputy Chair III. Each deputy chairperson has the respective responsibilities and aegis in each department. The position of Secretary I was filled by Ayu Trisna, Secretary II by Tiwi Wahyuniasih while Finance I by Kristya Mardhani and Finance II by Ratih Argita. HM Management currently consists of 4 departments, where Department 1 houses the Academic field. In Department 1, it was led by Aryanti Putri who was accompanied by two deputy chairmen of the department, namely Meliantha Kusuma as Deputy I of Department 1 and Modista Utama as Deputy II of Department 1. Department 1 helped facilitate students with academic achievements so that management students would not find it difficult to channel his achievements. Department 2 is led by Tara Damayanti who is accompanied by Harly Ginting as Deputy I of Department 2 and Vikinanda as Deputy II of Department 2. Department 2 is in charge of non-academic fields and community service. For management students who have achievements or want to have achievements in non-academic fields, Department 2 will channel to participate in various competitions in non-academic fields. Department 3 is led by Rieska Dwi Antari who is accompanied by Adi Dharmayasa as Deputy I of Department 3 and Dikky as Deputy II of Department 3. Department 3 covers the fields of public relations, advokesma, and R&D (research and development) so that management study program students can always be updated with information they need. Department 4 is led by Ida Bagus Ari who is accompanied by Gungde Prayoga as Deputy I of Department 4 and Gede Artha as Deputy II of Department 4. Department 4 is in charge of fundraising, protocols and inventory.

Through HM Management it is hoped that the Management Study Program can become more proud so that the name of the Management Study Program is fragrant at regional, national and international levels.

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