Unifying Discussions and Aligning Faculty Goals, DPM FEB Unud Holds Pre-Rakergab and Pre-Workshop 2024

The Udayana University Economics and Business Student Representative Council (DPM FEB Unud) held a Pre-Rakergab and Pre-Workshop on Saturday, February 3, 2024, at the BH Building Hall, Sudirman Campus, FEB Unud, which was attended by the Dean of FEB Unud, Agoes Ganesha Rahyuda, S.E., M.T., Ph.D., accompanied by the Deputy Dean for Student Affairs and Information, FEB Unud, Dr. I Made Artha Wibawa, S.E., M.M., also delivered by LMFEB supervisors, lecturers, students, and representatives from 9 student institutions, namely DPM, BEM, BSO SdE, BSO Wida, BSO KSPM, Hima Economic Development, Hima Management, Hima Accounting, and Hima Diploma.

The main activities in this series of activities are the Rakergab, which will be held on Monday, February 12, 2024, and the Workshop on Tuesday, February 13, 2024. The Rakergab is one of the DPM FEB Unud work programs in the form of a joint meeting, aimed at providing a discussion space for LMFEB Unud. And the Workshop is a DPM FEB Unud work program that is carried out every year in the form of meetings and discussions aimed at harmonizing and agreeing on updates to the Student Activity Guide (Pakem), which will later be used as a performance guide by every student institution within the FEB Unud environment.

In the pre-Rakergab and pre-workshop activities, there are several series of activities: First, starting with the opening of the MC performance, singing the FEB Hymn, and prayer. This was then continued with a work program presentation session from each institution. Then we continued with discussion material on the goals of FEB Unud 2024 by the Dean of FEB Unud and the Deputy Dean for Student Affairs and Information. After the presentation, there was a need for agreement from all LMFEB; therefore, a 60-minute discussion session was held to synchronize the vision, mission, and values of FEB Unud. Apart from that, there is also an agenda for the Pre-Rakergab Session to approve the work program that will be discussed and brought to the Rakergab and the Pre-Workshop Session to decide on several Pakem discussions that will be brought to the Workshop. During this year's implementation, the Pre-Rakergab Session was postponed temporarily to discuss together first, considering that this year there were updates regarding the work relocation program at LMFEB and that each institution needed more consideration to determine decisions.

It is very important to carry out this activity at the beginning of each period to agree on the work program that is designed, ensure that the work program is still relevant to the needs and expectations of FEB Unud students, and harmonize and agree on updates to the rules and Pakem that are deemed to still need to be improved by each student institution. in order to achieve effective performance at LMFEB Unud. The smooth implementation of the Pre-Rakergab and Pre-Workshop certainly cannot be separated from the challenges and obstacles that occur, as mentioned by the Chair of the DPM for the 2024 period, Komang Gd Cahya Wiguna, that "there are several struggles, one of which is the adjustment of work programs that are still overlapping in each institution and the need for re-work." The work program must be in accordance with the function of each institution so that each institution requires additional time to consider this big decision," he said.

The Dean of FEB Unud hopes that with the Pre-Rakergab and Pre-Workshop activities, the work programs at LMFEB Unud can be relocated in accordance with the goals, vision, and mission, and there will be no overlap in the future. By producing more outstanding students at the national level, increasing the number of FEB Unud Student Creativity Program (PKM) proposals that pass selection at the university level or even passing funding and PIMNAS, increasing the percentage of student recognition as speakers at scientific meetings, helping to increase student participation in take certification, and increasing the number of singing students who take part in lessons or collaborate with FEB Unud.