Udayana University Signs MoU with Russia-Indonesia Business Council  

Udayana University signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Russia-Indonesia Business Council (RIBC), Thursday (22/04/2021), at the Agrokomplek Building, 2nd Floor, Denpasar Campus, Udayana University.

The signing of the MoU is a follow-up to the Zoom Meeting which took place in March which was initiated by the Russia-Indonesia Business Council (RIBC) and the Faculty of Agriculture, Udayana University. Through the signing of the MoU between Udayana University and the Russia-Indonesia Business Council, it is hoped that it will be able to increase Indonesia-Russia bilateral cooperation.

The signing of the MoU was also followed up by the signing of a Letter of Intend / Cooperation Agreement between the Faculty of Agriculture and RIBC members, namely Fadeev Agro. This signed Letter of Intend deals with the use of agricultural equipment and technology owned by the Fadeev Agro company which will later be applied to the Faculty of Agriculture, Udayana University.