Udayana University Holds 148th Graduation Full Offline, Rector Frees 779 Graduates  

Jimbaran - Udayana University (Unud) again held the 148th Graduation Full Offline at the Widya Sabha Auditorium Building, Jimbaran Campus, Saturday (25/06/2022). At the 148th Graduation, the Rector of Unud released 779 graduates so that up to now the total number of Udayana University graduates is 109,488. The details for each level are 21 Doctoral programs, 58 Masters, 22 Specialists, 30 Professionals, and 648 Undergraduates.

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs of Unud Prof. Dr. Ir. I Gede Rai Maya Temaja, MP in his report said that today's graduates were dominated by women, with a total of 940 people, while only 289 male graduates. In terms of academic achievement, the GPA of female graduates is better than that of male graduates, where the average GPA of female graduates is 3.75 while the average GPA of male graduates is 3.68. The average study period for women is 8.51 semesters while the study period for men is 8.69 semesters. The number of graduates who received the title With Praise or Cum Laude was 289 people. There were 122 scholarship recipients from 19 scholarship providers and 83 of them were Bidikmisi/KIP Lecture scholarship recipients.

Rector of Unud Prof. Dr. Ir. I Nyoman Gde Antara, M.Eng.,IPU in his speech gave the highest appreciation to the graduates, because in the midst of limitations due to the impact of the pandemic, they were able to complete their education well. Through this opportunity, the Rector informed that Udayana University had achieved Superior accreditation, where not many universities were able to achieve this. Unud will also establish itself as a PTN BH, where as the biggest university in Bali we must go there so that we don't lag behind other universities. We must dare to go out of our comfort zone to be able to compete, for that we also have several plans to develop Unud into a university that is not only able to compete at the national level but also towards World Class University. In addition to physical development, non-physical developments will also be developed, such as encouraging study programs to achieve international accreditation so that graduates receive international recognition.

To the Graduates, the Rector advised to always be wise in applying the knowledge that has been obtained and implementing this knowledge to produce innovations that are useful for the welfare of society, nation and state. As well as participating in filling out online questionnaire instruments in the implementation of tracer studies which have an important role in efforts to improve and develop the quality of education at Udayana University and support rankings within the Ministry where this is included in one of the Main Performance Indicators of Higher Education. Your role is very much needed to maintain the credibility of your beloved alma mater, Udayana University.

Representative of Graduate I Made Satria Bimantara, S.Kom in his impression and message conveyed that Unud is a second home where we learn, exchange opinions, build morals, interact, serve the community and carry out scientific research in order to uphold the Tridharma of Higher Education and learn to understand how the meaning of the university's vision. Everything is done in order to maintain the reputation of Unud as the oldest and largest university in Bali which has and will continue to produce generations of professionals in the future. Being a student at Unud has given us beautiful moments and amazing experiences, where we learned about struggle, never giving up, discipline, responsibility and sacrifice. Now we have responsibility for the knowledge we have. Let's prove we can be better graduates than other universities.

At this Graduation, the Udayana Young Entrepreneur certificate was also presented as a tribute to four graduates who have successfully established companies and have innovative products.