Focus Group Discussion (FGD) Improving the 2022 Curriculum for Undergraduate Management Study Program, Faculty of Economics and Business, Udayana University  

The Management Undergraduate Study Program, Faculty of Economics and Business carried out a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) activity to improve the 2022 curriculum for the Management Undergraduate Study Program “Assessment and Evaluation of Graduate Learning Outcomes (CPL) in accordance with SN-Dikti with Outcome-Based Education Approach” on Thursday, 28 April 2022 held online via Cisco Webex Meetings.

Focus Group Discussion (FGD) Refinement of the 2022 Curriculum for the Bachelor of Management Study Program was carried out due to changes in the curriculum that adapted the Outcome-Base Education weighting. The purpose of this FGD is to obtain accurate input and information regarding the graduate criteria that must be formed in the curriculum so as to obtain the appropriate graduate student profile. This curriculum is planned to be implemented in the odd semester to be precise in August 2022.

This activity was attended by 60 people including professors, FEB UNUD lecturers, external invitees, alumni and management students. The details are as follows: 10 Professors who attended, namely Prof. Dr. I Ketut Rahyuda, SE., MSIE, Prof. Dr. I Wayan Gede Supartha, SE., SU, Prof. Dr. I Made Wardana, SE., MP, Prof. Dr. Ni Wayan Sri Suprapti, SE., M.Sc., Prof. Dr. Ni Nyoman Kerti Yasa, SE., MS., Prof. Dr. Ni Luh Putu Wiagustini, SE., M.Sc., Prof. Dr. I Gede Riana, SE., MM,. Prof. Dr. I Gusti Ayu Ketut Giantari, SE., M.Sc., Prof. Dr. Urged Ketut Sintaasih, SE., MM., Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Anom Purbawangsa, SE., MM.

Elements of the Permanent Lecturer of the Study Program (DTPS) who had the opportunity to attend included: Dr. I. B. Panji Sedana, S.E., M.Sc., Dr. Gede Suparna, S.E., MS., Dr. Dra. I G.A. Manuati Dewi, M.A., Dr. Sayu Kt Sutrisna Dewi, S.E., M.M., Ak., Drs. Kastawan Mandala, M.M., I Gst. Ayu Dewi Adnyani, S.E., M.Sc., I Nyoman Nurcaya, S.E., M.M., Km. Agus Satria Pramudana, S.T, M.Com., I Wayan Santika, S.T., M.M., Ni Md. Wulandari Kusumadewi, S.E., M.Sc. BA., Gede Bayu Rahanatha, S.E., M.M., Ni Putu Ayu Darmayanti, S.E., M.M., Dr. Ica Rika Candraningrat, S.E., M.M., I Gst. Made Suwandana, S.E., M.M., I Gst. Bgs. Honor Satrya, B.bus.Com., MIB.

External invitees who are part of the stakeholders are divided into 2 groups of origin, namely Users, Alumni and Students. For Users / Users were attended by 10 people consisting of: Luh Gede Suryani Astuti (Pgs. Deputy Head of BNI Denpasar Branch Office), Wiranda Adiyasa (Head of KK BNI Unud), I Gede Putu Wedana, ST (BPD), I Nyoman Hermanto Darmawan - Deputy Director of Strategic Management, EPK and Regional Government Partnerships (OJK), Bp. IGB Adi Wijaya - Head of Consumer Education and Protection (OJK), Bachtiar Rivai Rozak - Head of Sub Division of Consumer Education and Protection (OJK), I Ketut Widiana Karya, S.E., MBA (PT. JAMKRIDA Bali Mandhara), I G.P Sidhi Wikramayana, S.E., M.Sc. (Operational Manager of Batur Agung Multitama Tours & Travel), Dr. Putu Yudi Wijaya, S.E., M.Si (Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism UNHI), and I Nyoman Panca Utama, S.E (Branch Manager of PT Agung Automall Tabanan – Bali).

There were 5 Alumni who had the opportunity to attend this curriculum improvement FGD, including: Gusti Wayan Bayu Wedananta Alit Putra S.E., Ak., Ida Ayu Tri Rasmiwinari, S.E., M.M., Gde Aditya Prabawa Sudibya, S.E., I Putu Adi Sumardika, S.E., Putu Ayu Trisna Febrianty, S.E., and Putu Ratih Argita Dewi, S.E. Meanwhile, the students were attended by: Kadek Bagus Krishna Dwipayana, Ni Nyoman Santi Irayani Putri, I Made Denis Agung Prastya, Ketut Ayu Novaryani Putri, and Anak Agung's wife Anom Bintang Pramawati.

The Focus Group Discussion (FGD) on Completing the 2022 Curriculum for the Management Undergraduate Study Program was opened directly by the Coordinator of the Management Undergraduate Study Program, Dr. I Made Artha Wibawa, S.E., M.M.

After the opening, a material presentation session related to Graduate Learning Outcomes (CPL) with the Outcome-Based Education Approach was held by the first resource person, namely Prof. Ir. I Made Supartha Utama, M.S., Ph.D, and continued by the second resource person, Prof. Dr. Ni Wayan Sri Suprapti, S.E., M.Si


In the presentation of the material, he emphasized that the learning experience does not always exist on campus but also outside the campus such as the Merdeka Learning Campus Merdeka (MBKM) program. In addition, it was also explained that the Learning Outcomes of Graduates in the curriculum with the Outcome-Base Education approach were no longer an assessment of the knowledge achieved by students but more based on the needs of graduates while working.

This activity took place in an attractive manner, namely during the discussion session participants provided input and were able to interact well. Then at the end of the socialization activity, it was closed with a group photo.