The Faculty of Economics and Business, Udayana University (FEB Unud) had the opportunity to receive a visit from Madrasah Aliyah Negeri (MAN) 1 Kediri City on Monday, 27 June 2022, at the BM FEB Unud Sudirman Building Hall, Denpasar. This visit was carried out in the context of the Study of Knowing Nature and the Environment (SKAL) for Students of MAN 1 Kediri City.

The visit of MAN 1 Kediri City was welcomed by the Coordinator of the Bachelor of Economics Study Program, Dr. Ni Putu Wiwin Setyari, S.E., M.Si., was accompanied by Chairman of the Student Representative Council (DPM) I Wayan Mahesa Putra, and Chairman of the Student Executive Board (BEM) I Putu Diva Khrisna Aditya.

In this meeting the Coordinator of the Bachelor of Economics Study Program had the opportunity to introduce more about FEB Unud to the students of MAN 1 Kediri City, who attended as many as 150 people.

On the other hand, Mr. Fanny Hargianto, S.Pd as the Deputy Head of Student Affairs at MAN 1 Kediri City expressed his deepest gratitude, for being willing to accept the visit, and introduce more deeply about FEB Unud to students.

On this occasion, the Chair of the DPM and the Chair of the BEM FEB Unud also conveyed material about student life in the Faculty of Economics and Business, Udayana University. This activity is expected to provide positive benefits to all parties involved.