For the fourth time, the Faculty of Economics and Business UNUD held a Joint Judiciary (YUBER) online after the global Covid-19 pandemic. YUBER on Friday (27/11) this morning was held in Room 3.4, BH Building, FEB Denpasar Campus.

YUBER this time was attended by the directors of FEB UNUD and attended by 49 prospective graduates who participated in activities from their respective residences. Prospective graduates consisted of 40 participants from the Undergraduate Program, 8 participants from the Masters Program, and a participant from the Doctoral Program. Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs and Planning, Dr. Ida Bagus Putu Purbadharmaja, S.E., M.E., in his report stated that overall, the average length of study has met the national standards for higher education, even exceeding the standard study travel time set by the university. He also said that the majority of the participants obtained a pretty good GPA.

Dean of FEB Unud, Agoes Ganesha Rahyuda, SE., MT., Ph.D., in his remarks stated that the online YUBER scheme still had to be implemented to avoid the spread of the Covid-19 virus, especially on FEB. The Dean also gave the highest appreciation to all participants who continued to struggle and were able to adapt well in the midst of uncertain conditions due to the global Covid-19 pandemic. He also hopes that all participants are able to develop themselves and always be useful in the community, and be able to answer various challenges that arise in the future.

The participants who became the Best Graduates at YUBER this time were Ni Nengah Era Sugiartini, S.E., from the Bachelor of Management Study Program, with a GPA of 3.95.