BEM FEB Unud Holds Beach Clean-up Action in Collaboration with Malu Dong Community

The Udayana University Economics and Business Student Executive Board (BEM FEB Unud) held a National Waste Awareness Day Action in collaboration with the Malu Dong Community at the Faculty on Friday, January 26, 2024, located at Padang Galak Beach, Kesiman, East Denpasar. This action is a program overseen by the Community Service Division of BEM FEB Unud to commemorate National Waste Awareness Day, which is celebrated on February 21, 2024. This activity also aims to keep the coastal ecosystem free from rubbish, as well as foster a sense of concern for the environment around us. This activity was attended by all members of BEM FEB Unud by bringing in representatives from the Malu Dong Community, namely Komang Sudiarta as the founder of the Malu Dong Community and Agus Jaya Wardana as one of the volunteers from the Malu Dong Community.
The National Waste Awareness Day action began with an opening, where various members of the Chair of BEM FEB Unud also opened the National Waste Awareness Day action event. The event continued with celebrations and guidance from the Malu Dong Community, then a cleaning action was carried out for one hour, followed by the weighing of the collected rubbish. In this action, BEM FEB Unud collected 42.6 kilos of non-organic waste. After collecting the waste, this event continued with mobilizing the waste onto a pickup truck. This action was continued with the presentation of a plaque by BEM FEB Unud to the Malu Dong Community as a form of thanks for their support for this beach clean-up activity. The event closed with a message from the Malu Dong Community as well as direction from the Chair of BEM FEB Unud, as well as closing the 2024 National Waste Awareness Day Action. The implementation of this activity of course faced obstacles. Ni Ketut Suryawardhani Kusumastuti, Chair of the Community Service Division, revealed that at the time carrying out clean-up actions, there were difficulties in sorting the waste that would be collected because there was a lot of organic waste, such as canang bananas, around the beach area. This makes it difficult because in this clean-up action, the focus is on non-organic waste, such as plastic bottles, food wrappers, and the like.
It is hoped that the implementation of National Waste Awareness Day will provide good output for the sustainability of the ecosystem in the surrounding environment. Suryawardhani Kusumastuti expressed his hopes for this action. "We hope that activities like this can continue to be carried out by students as a form of implementation of the tridharma of higher education, namely service. "Devotion can start with the environment around us, for example, the beach cleaning that we did this time, and it is hoped that this activity can provide a good example for all students out there so that they can be more sensitive to the environmental conditions around us," he said. This is also in line with the hopes of Anak Agung Ayu Kirana Wulandari as Chair of BEM FEB Unud 2024. "With this action, hopefully members of BEM FEB Unud can at least be moved to continue to contribute to efforts to protect and preserve nature, at least in the surrounding environment, such as at home. At home, on campus," he said.